Mrs. Stephanie - Tuesday - 7:30pm Studio A
Mrs. Stephanie – Monday - 6:00pm  Studio A

Costume Contact Mom:
Stephanie Guardia   Email:

Jazz: Housework

Costume:           Lemon print dress with attached hot shorts


Tights:               Suntan


Shoes:                tan jazz shoes


Hair:                  high ponytail


Headpiece        head band tied slightly to right side and secured with bobby pins

Tap: The Final Game

Costume:           dress, belt, and socks (you will need to provide a pair of black hot shorts)


Tights:               Suntan


Shoes:                black tap shoes


Hair:                  low ponytail


Hat:                  hat with clear elastic and bobby pins to secure

Opening Number----“Into The Spotlight”


Costume:  black leotard with tails,  thread the silver string thru as shown in picture


Tights:   black fishnet tights  with seams (must wear suntan tights underneath)


Shoes:   Black jazz shoes


Hair:  slick back low pony tail with middle part, wrap hair around rubber band and pin to secure.


Choker:   rhinestone choker


Hat:   black top hat


Ballet:  Fight Song

Costume:           pink iridescent dress and skirt (adjust straps as needed)

Tights:               pink with seam

Shoes:                pink ballet shoes

Hair:                  top-knot bun (use hair net)

Headpiece        pink applique headpiece placed to right side of bun

Class Picture Times:  
Advanced I Class Picture - Monday March 26th @ 6:00 pm
Advanced Hip Hop - Monday, March 26th @ 6:30 pm
Advanced I Individual Pictures - Tuesday March 27th @ 7:00 pm

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  Arrive in regular DANCE ATTIRE to take the class picture first.  Individual photos will be taken following your class picture.  All photos will be taken at The Dance Warehouse.  Hair for all pictures can be styled differently than how it will be worn on Revue day.

* Please label ALL pieces of your child’s costume.  Including tights and shoes!

* NO underwear.  NO jewelry.  NO nail polish.

* Hairnets must be used for those who will wear a bun for the revue.  A bun hairstyle requires multiple bobby pins and hair gel/spray to maintain a tidy bun.  For girls with shorter hair a ‘donut’ may be used to create a bun.  Please watch this video for ways to make a good bun.

* Makeup should be applied heavily due to lighting. Browns, plums, and pinks look best from stage.

* Please make sure that bows on ballet shoes are tucked in and that there are NO bows on your child’s tap shoes.  If they are patent leather-they must be changed to black elastic.

* Spray Paint for shoes is available at the studio.  The color is "Sand" if you are spraying shoes tan.  The paint is $7.00 per can and can be shared by a few students.  Black spray paint is also available.

* Undergarments should be worn if needed.  If your child requires a bra, it must be nude (black in some cases) and it should not be seen from the audience.  The Ultimate has various bra options for purchase. 

* You may contact this class’s costume contact mom with any questions you have regarding your child’s costume.

Advanced Hip Hop---“Bouncin’ Around”


Costume:           white Adidas shirt and camouflage pants (you will need to supply your own white sports bra)


Tights:               none


Shoes:                Adidas Neo Raleigh Mid tennis shoe in black (Shoe Carnival, Academy, Amazon)


Hair:                  middle part low ponytail


Headpiece:        Red bandana (you will need to get one)


AS OF 3/10/18