Hip Hop K/1 A / B
Katie – Thursdays 4:00-4:45 - Studio B
Costume Contact Mom:
Kim Beadle (Olivia’s Mom) / Cell #: 288-4716 / Email: beadle1317@yahoo.com
Costume Contact Mom: Brandi Barrilleaux (Charlie’s mom) / Cell #: 230-3552 / Email: brandi.barrilleaux@gmail.com


Hip Hop: “Tutu’s and Tennis Shoes”

Costume:           Long sleeve leotard with attached tutu; White denim jacket to be worn unbuttoned


Tights:               Suntan tights


Shoes:                “Hot Pink Chucks” - Hot pink high-top converse tennis shoes.  Buy a size larger than you usually would, because I’m sure they can wear these a lot and will grow into them.


Socks:                Knee high striped white socks.  (Provided)


Hair:                  Very high pony tail.  Tease a little to make it wild.

Hot Pink Bow      Stretch it out and sit it on top pony tail so it faces forward not up. Pin to hair so it doesn’t fall out.

Class Picture Times:  
Hip Hop K/1 A - Thursday, March 29th @ 4:00 pm
Hip Hop K/1 B - Thursday, March 29th @ 4:10 pm

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  Arrive in regular DANCE ATTIRE to take the class picture first.  Individual photos will be taken following your class picture.  All photos will be taken at The Dance Warehouse.  Hair for all pictures can be styled differently than how it will be worn on Revue day.

* Please label ALL pieces of your child’s costume.  Including tights and shoes!

* NO underwear.  NO jewelry.  NO nail polish.

* Makeup should be applied heavily due to lighting. Browns, plums, and pinks look best from stage.

* You may contact this class’s costume contact mom with any questions you have regarding your child’s costume.

AS OF 3/10/18